Yindi losjoon


Rahustav ja pehmendav losjoon näiteks juustealuse naha töötlemiseks.



Yindi liniment. Rahustava toimega liniment, vähendab sügelust, pehmendab ja toidab nahka.
Kasutamine: kasutada vähemalt kaks korda päevas, hommikul ja õhtul. Liniment kanda probleemsele kohale vatitupsu abil ning masseerida sisse.
Ingredients: Sophora Flavescens Extract 5% (w/w), Disporum Sessile Leaf Extract 3%(w/w), dictamni radicis 3% (w/w), Pulsatilla Koreana Extract 2% (w/w), Astragalus Koraiensis Root Extract 2% (w/w), Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract 2% (w/w), Bungarus Parvus 0,5%(w/w), Acanthopanax Senticosus Root Extract 0,5% (w/w), Crocus Sativus Flower Extract l 0,05% (w/w), Ophiocordyceps sinensis 0,05% (w/w)
Kogus:3 X.30 ml

Hiina rahvameditsiinis kasutatakse koos Likan- ja Qilikang kreemiga proriaasi- ja ekseemi vaevuste leevendamisel. Eriti hästi sobib raskesti ligipääsetavate piirkondade, nagu näiteks juustealune peanahk, töötlemiseks.


Yindi Liniment

Bacteriostatic Agent

Using Direction

This product is comprehensively guided with the techniques by a post-doctor from USA, adopts fine and effective herbs processed with special and scientific technics for skin external use.

[Main effective compositions & content] saffron 0.05% (w/w),ginseng 0.5% (w/w), Chinese Caterpillar fungus 0.05% (w/w), coin-like white-banded snake 0.5%(w/w), sophora flavescens 5% (w/w), sessile stemina root 3% (w/w), dittany bark 3% (w/w), pasqueflower 2% (w/w), astragalus root 2% (w/w), moutan bark 2% (w/w). [Application scope] for bacteriostasis and antipruritis- m, to keep healthy skin, with inhibitive function to path- ogenic yeast.

[Usage] To dip in the liniment with cotton stick on skin, each once in the morning and evening, it’ s better to use Likangshuang cream at the same time.

[Attention] 1, It’ s for skin external use and should not be drunk, don ’ t use it at a great deal, pregnant wom en and children should use it carefully, as well as on face; 2, It contains alcohol, which is a normal reaction to feel sting on tender skin; lõng period of using may cause red swelling or peeling on partial skin, stop using; 3, To dri­nk water more, strengthen sports exercise, it’ s good to sweat after long-distance running; 4, While using it, don ’ t eat pungent food; 5, Place it unreachable by c- hildren.

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